at the centre of the island
between Skala port and Grikos settlement


Sapsila settlement is located on a slope around its namesake bay and faces the northeast. It mainly accommodates vacationers, as it has very few permanent residents, comprising mostly of newly built, elegant holiday homes and support food service activities.

It is located at the centre of the island, between Skala port and Grikos settlement, while it can be accessed via the main road network that accommodates the above settlements.

Its tranquil beach can be easily accessed, while the bay, full of old cottages with gardens, and the small church of St. Nicholas by the sea make up a serene, picturesque scenery.

In close proximity, nearby Sapsila, there is Loukakia bay with its namesake beach, which can be easily accessed as well.

Sapsila settlement is located at the centre of the island

Its scenery is uniquely picturesque, along with the monastery of St. Nektarios, the pebble beach, and the large tamarisks, while “pilafi” islet is so close that it can be reached by a short swim.

In recent years, high-standard tourist establishments and food service facilities have been developed in the wider area, thus making it a highly popular and renowned holiday destination.

Basic distances
1.5 km Grikos settlement
4 km Chora
2.5 km Skala (Port of Patmos)